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RM2 Funding

Regional Measure 2 (RM2)
Regional Traffic Relief Plan

General Program Information

Program Background
On March 2, 2004, voters passed Regional Measure 2 (RM2), raising the toll on the seven State-owned toll bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area by $1.00. This extra dollar is to fund various transportation projects within the region that have been determined to reduce congestion or to make improvements to travel in the toll bridge corridors, as identified in SB 916 (Chapter 715, Statutes of 2004). Specifically, RM2 establishes the Regional Traffic Relief Plan and identifies specific transit operating assistance and capital projects and programs eligible to receive RM2 funding.

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) is responsible for the collection of the bridge tolls and MTC is responsible for administering the Regional Measure 2 program. Recently, BATA’s Long Range Plan (PDF) was updated to incorporate the Regional Measure 2 projects.

Capital Program
Thirty-six capital projects are listed in RM2 (California Streets and Highway Code Section 30914(c)). These projects range from studies to transit vehicle procurement to freeway improvements. Project sponsors are required to submit and update project summary documents called, Initial Project Reports (IPRs), to MTC, as necessary. MTC will approve the IPRs (and any updates) in conjunction with the allocation of RM2 funds. The IPRs contain details such as the project scope, cost, schedule, and other fund sources.

Operating Program
Fourteen operating projects are listed in RM2 (California Streets and Highway Code Section 30914(d)). On October 13, 2004, Federal Highway Administration approved the segregation of revenues derived from the four non-federalized Bay Area toll bridges for funding transit operations through the RM2 program. This decision allows MTC to allocate operating funds to the projects that were approved as part of Regional Measure 2. MTC requested project sponsors to submit an initial 5-year operating assistance program (OAP). These OAPs outline the scope, detail the operating budget, and project operating performance data for the proposed transit service.

Allocations to Date
MTC began allocating RM2 funds in July 2004. Allocations are generally awarded based on project readiness and completeness for a specific project phase. The Commission will consider allocations on a continual basis, dependent upon the allocation requests and MTC’s capacity to allocate additional funds.

Summary by Fiscal Year (PDF):

Summary by Month (PDF):

Policies and Procedures
The RM2 Policies and Procedures were most recently amended on April 22, 2009. For reference, we have also provided a historical summary of the changes made to the policies and procedures to date. 

Information for Recipients of RM2 Funding

If you are a project sponsor or implementing agency, the following links will provide guidance on the RM2 allocation and reimbursement process for any agency receiving RM2 funds from either the capital or operating programs. Various document formats for project sponsors are accessible through these links and you will find the Implementing Agency Board resolution and invoice formats through these links:

MTC Staff Contact Information

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Capital Program

Operating Program