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MTC Annual Report 2009

 MTC's Annual Report 2009:
Transit in Transition

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2009 Annual Report

"Transit in Transition" is the title of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's 2009 annual report. The report asks the question: "Can we achieve a sustainable future for public transit in the San Francisco Bay Area?" Never has this question been more timely. For our region's transit operators, 2009 was a year of recession-ravaged finances, falling ridership and service cutbacks. Juxtaposing gritty black and white photographs with key facts and statistics, "Transit in Transition" illustrates the seriousness and scope of the challenges facing the Bay Area's transit system, making it clear that transit's problems run deeper than a single year's setbacks. The report also outlines a major new initiative launched by the Commission to respond to this critical situation. The aptly named Transit Sustainability Project will undertake to design, fund and implement a flexible and affordable system that more people will use for more trips.

The MTC 2009 Annual Report also contains MTC's financial statements for fiscal year 2008-09.

Printed copies of the report may be ordered from the MTC Library: 510.817.5836, or
(A limited number of copies are available.)

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