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State of the System

State of the System: Measuring Bay Area Transportation Performance

Since 2001, MTC and Caltrans have annually gathered data and statistics summarizing the performance of the Bay Area transportation system. Key facts and performance indicators are assembled for freeways, local roadways, transit, goods movement, and bicycle and pedestrian travel in the region.

MTC and Caltrans will post to this Web page data as it becomes available. (This is a change from past years, when we published a complete report only after we had assembled all the data.) With this new approach, we aim to make data available in a more timely manner. Please watch the space below for updated data.

For more information on the State of the System data project, please contact Sean Co at or 510.817.5748. For printed copies of past reports, please contact the MTC/ABAG Library at or 510.817.5836.

Past Reports:

Supplemental information: