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Follow Us! Web 2.0 and Social Media at MTC

Now there are more ways than ever before to keep in touch, and find out about MTC's meetings, workshops, new publications, funding opportunities, services and the like. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, view recent videos on YouTube and Vimeo, and subscribe to our daily headline service, alerts about press releases and several other fresh information streams via GovDelivery e-mail alerts (look for the little red subscription envelope on our home page). These social media tools offer news and information not only from MTC, but also from an important MTC offshoot, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), which oversees and finances the region's seven state-owned toll bridges.

And that's not all. As shown below, each of our major customer service projects (Clipper electronic transit fare payment, FasTrak® electronic toll collection and the 511 Traveler Information Service) has its own social media presence, including Facebook pages where you can post comments and questions.

MTC also participates in several interagency projects with a social media presence, most notably the Plan Bay Area regional planning project. The chart below links to our various websites and social media pages. We will be updating this page as we add new services.

GovDelivery: Subscribe to MTC-BATA E-mail Updates
MTC-BATA on Facebook
Clipper on Facebook
511 on Facebook
FasTrak® on Facebook
Plan Bay Area on Facebook
Bay Area Bike Share on Facebook
Youth for the Environment and Sustainability (YES) on Facebook
Experience Electric on Facebook
Bay Bridge Info on Facebook
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Memories on Facebook
MTC-BATA on Twitter
511 on Twitter
Clipper on Twitter
511 Rideshare on Twitter
Plan Bay Area on Twitter
Bay Area Bike Share on Twitter
Experience Electric on Twitter
Bay Bridge Info on Twitter
MTC-BATA on YouTube
MTC-BATA on Instagram
511 on Instagram
MTC-BATA on LinkedIn
MTC-BATA on Storify
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Other MTC Sites

See the full array of MTC-affiliated web sites.

Comment Guidelines/Disclaimer for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Social Media Sites

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Bay Area Toll Authority (MTC/BATA) sponsor a number of official social media sites.

Comments posted to social media sites maintained by MTC/BATA will be monitored and inappropriate content will be removed. MTC will remove any prohibited content, including those items that are: (1) not related to MTC/BATA; (2) profane language or content; (3) content that defames or threatens to defame a person or group of persons; (4) sexual content or links to sexual content; (5) solicitations of commerce; (6) conduct or encouragement of illegal activity; (7) information that may compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems; or, (8) content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party. MTC/BATA, however, disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any materials that are prohibited under these guidelines, which cannot be removed in an expeditious and otherwise timely manner.

For more information about MTC/BATA, please visit or Our social media sites are intended to serve as a mechanism for communication between the public and MTC/BATA about MTC/BATA and as a forum to further MTC/BATA’s mission. Any comment submitted to the agencies’ social media pages and the pages’ list of fans may be considered a public record which is subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

For more information, contact the MTC Public Information Office by telephone: 510/817-5787 (TDD/TTY:  510/817-5769) or by e-mail: