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MTC DataMart Home Page

The MTC DataMart includes various databases and reports of interest to the technical as well as general community. MTC maintains this information as part of ongoing transportation planning activities. The DataMart is organized into nine categories:

  1. Regional Indicators
  2. Travel Models & Forecasts
  3. Research: Travel Models and Traveller Behavior
  4. Census Data and Reports
  5. Survey Data and Reports
  6. Traffic Data and Reports
  7. GIS Data
  8. Historic Research Reports (pre-2000)
  9. Activity-Based Model Development

Outline of DataMart Contents

  • Regional Indicators. Selected statistics at the county and regional levels, including: demographic and auto ownership trends and forecasts; vehicle miles of travel estimates; vehicle registration and drivers license trends; and monthly gas prices.
  • Travel Models & Forecasts Links to online versions of MTC travel demand model system documentation; travel forecasting reports; travel forecasting databases; travel forecasting assumptions; and auto ownership trends and forecasts.
  • Research: Travel Models & Traveller Behavior Links to online versions and reports of MTC traveller behavior and travel model research.
  • Census Data and Reports Links to census databases, MTC census working papers, and MTC census-related research.
  • Survey Data and Reports Links to MTC household travel survey databases and reports; and MTC airline passenger survey databases and reports.
  • Traffic Data and Reports Links to MTC traffic volume summary reports and databases; links to Caltrans traffic count and congestion monitoring web sites; and online traffic count data.
  • GIS Data Links to MTC public record GIS data layers; and MTC geographic equivalency files (e.g., zones to superdistricts to county).
  • Historic Research Reports Older, pre-2000 MTC/BATSC reports scanned and saved in PDF format.

MTC maintains an extensive database, in machine readable and hard copy forms, to support regional transportation planning. These various data files, as well as maps and other graphic pieces, are public records, and MTC welcomes their use by the planning community throughout the region.

MTC technical data is collected and analyzed by MTC staff. Projections based on the data are prepared as part of a continuing process at a level of detail required for regional transportation planning. The appropriate use of such data in other planning programs and studies must be determined entirely by the planners and analysts of the firm or agency undertaking such projects. MTC makes no warranties, expressed or implied, of the appropriateness or accuracy of any results or opinions derived from any project not conducted or sponsored by MTC utilizing MTC's technical data.

Other demographic and economic data for the Bay Area may be found at the Association of Bay Area Government's Data Center, at:

The experienced technical data user may also choose to browse the MTC File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site at:
For more information on the MTC DataMart, contact David Ory at 510.817.5755 or e-mail: