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Bay Area Travel Survey 2000 (BATS2000) Public Data Release #3 is available on MTC's FTP site. These are the detailed ASCII survey records that require the use of statistical software such as SAS or SPSS. The data files are in a zipped archive of 52.6 MB. (Added: 3/2/2005).

Research Papers Using Bay Area Travel Survey Data is a comprehensive bibliography of peer-reviewed research using data from the various Bay Area household travel and airline passenger surveys. (Added: 3/2/2005).

Most Recent Survey Reports (Bay Area Travel Survey 2000)

PDF files for the August 2004 MTC two-volume report "San Francisco Bay Area Travel Survey 2000: Regional Travel Characteristics" are available on the MTC FTP site.

Several household travel surveys have been conducted in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area over the past fifty-plus years. These surveys serve as the centerpiece of the region's efforts to redevelop regional travel demand model systems, and to describe changes in travel patterns of Bay Area residents. The following table shows some summary characteristics of the five major household travel surveys conducted in the Bay Area between 1946 and the present:
Year of Survey Type of Survey Survey Duration Type of Diary Number of Completed
Household Samples
1946/47 Home Interview Single Day
(Weekday Only)
Trip Recall 27,703
1965 Home Interview Single Day Trip Recall 30,686
1981 Telephone Single Day Trip Memory Jogger 7,209
1990 Telephone Single and Multi-Weekday
(3 and 5-day)
Trip Memory Jogger 10,838
1996 Telephone Multi-Day
Including Weekend Days
Activity Diary, Including In-Home Activities 5,861
2000 Telephone Multi-Day
Including Weekend Days
Activity Diary, Including In-Home Activities 15,000

Data from the long forgotten 1946/47 Bay Area Metropolitan Traffic Survey is not available. This was the first household travel survey ever conducted in the San Francisco region. Data was collected from households in the central Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Daly City) as part of transportation studies to study potential "southern crossings" across the San Francisco Bay.

The 1996 MTC household travel survey final report and data is available for downloading. Point your web browser to the FTP directory:

The 2000 MTC household travel survey data and consultant final report is available for downloading. The directory to the consultant's final report, in two volumes, is here:
The directory to the currently available data files is here:

For questions on the data or reports from MTC travel surveys please contact David Ory of MTC at: 510-817-5755, or e-mail: for more information on the 2000 MTC travel survey.

Changes in Regional Travel Characteristics and Travel Time Expenditures in the San Francisco Bay Area: 1960-1990.

Online version (59KB) of a paper that was presented at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 1994. A zipped archive version of this paper is also available for downloading (65KB).The files in this archive are in "rich text format" and excel spreadsheet format.

San Francisco Bay Area 1990 Regional Travel Characteristics: Working Paper #4.

A 209-page report on the final weighted and expanded results from the 1990 MTC household travel survey. Contains dozens of tables reporting on trips by trip purpose and travel mode; trip rates per household and per person; travel characteristics by age, gender, employment status, disability, and family life cycle; and estimates of average weekday county-level travel. An online version of this report (154KB) is available on the USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics' website. Or, you may download (721KB) a zipped archive version of this paper. The files in this archive are in "rich text format" and excel spreadsheet format.