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Twice Is Nice: MTC a Double Winner in National Communications Competition

November 13, 2012
The Transportation Research Board (TRB), an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, has selected two MTC projects as winners of its 6th annual "Communicating Concepts With John and Jane Q. Public" competition. The MTC projects are among four overall winners selected by TRB in the competition, which this year was focused on "Transportation Finance and Related Policy Solutions," and, in particular, on communicating the need for transportation funding to stakeholders and the general public. MTC's winning entries are:

  • Transportation Priorities: How Would YOU Invest?, an animated video that in five clever and informative minutes lays out the policy options and trade-offs facing decision-makers charged with adopting Plan Bay Area, the region's long-range transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy. The video was created and produced by David Cooper, Ellen Griffin and Pam Grove of MTC's Legislation and Public Affairs unit. View the video below, or at, or via the MTC-ABAG YouTube channel.
  • Regional Parking Initiative — Videos and Posters, a multimedia project consisting of four short videos, a newscast and two posters that use humor and compelling visual graphics to promote provocative discussions of parking policies and their impacts. This communications effort focuses specifically on financial and economic analyses of parking policy choices, including the cost implications of requiring parking in new and infill development, the cost of building new parking structures, and the impact of parking policies on local businesses. The project leader for MTC's Regional Parking Initiative is Valerie Knepper of MTC's Planning section. Visit to view the materials.

The awards will be presented at TRB's 2013 annual meeting, in Washington, D. C., in January.