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Bike Commuter of the Year Awards Announced

Bike to Work Day Sponsors Celebrate Bicycle Commuter Role Models

May 4, 2011
MTC, the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and other sponsors of Bike to Work Day and Team Bike Challenge today announced winners of the 2011 Bike Commuter of the Year competition. Nine local residents, one in each Bay Area county, are being recognized for their dedication to riding their bike for everyday transportation. Spanning the age gamut from grade schoolers to senior citizen, these intrepid cyclists are a testament to the many benefits of bicycle commuting, from improving their health to cutting carbon emissions to bringing families together. Winners are shown below, and will be recognized at a series of county-by-county events leading up to and celebrating Bike to Work Day, which falls on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Alameda County Winner

Jason Hollick of Berkeley, a 6th grade student, inspired his family to bike daily and is already a bike activist.

Contra Costa County Winner

Al Lim of Brentwood, who commutes by bike in all weather conditions, inspires his staff and family to bike. He also runs an orphaned-bike garage where he loves to fix bikes to give to others.

Marin County Winner

Julian LePelch of Mill Valley, a 5th grader, set a goal to ride to and from school every day, traveling 3.5 to 5 miles a day.

Napa County Winner

Jim Wilson made a personal commitment to help "de-carbonize the economy." He inspires his co-workers now, and has logged over 2,000 miles just since last summer.

San Francisco City/County Winner

Scott Crosby of San Francisco encourages all riders, from newbies to racers. While he’s a strong rider, he regularly hosted "slow commute" rides to encourage new people.

San Mateo County Winner

Marey Richins of Belmont, a kindergarten teacher, makes biking to her school an everyday affair and serves as a positive role model to the students.

Santa Clara County Winner

Nick Laskowski, an 8th grade teacher, creates bicycle field trips for his students and organizes bicycle safety courses. “On a bike, the world is within reach, and stopping to check out a new store or say hello to a passing friend becomes a routine event. Santa Clara County simply isn't worth living in a car; by bike, it's beautiful.” So central are biking and riding transit in Nick's life that these modes figured into his wedding.

Solano County Winner

Jamie Simmons of Fairfield made a commitment to use biking as an alternative and sustainable method of transportation, logging over 6,000 miles and a reduction of ¾ ton of CO2 emissions.

Sonoma County Winner

John Daly, a counselor at Santa Rosa Junior College, rides his bike to work every day and inspires co-workers at every chance, asking "Did you ride today?" and offering a high-five every time someone says "yes." This Bike to Work Day is also John’s 66th birthday.

Bike to Work Day 2011 is presented by, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Kaiser Permanente. The 2011 regional sponsors also include the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Beyond Pix Studios, Clif Bar, REI, Adobe, and the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.

For more information on Bike to Work Day and bike events during May, please visit or For more information about the winners, contact