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September / October 2006

Facts and Figures:

Measuring the Benefits of Transit-Oriented Development

MTC laid the groundwork for its pioneering Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Policy (see story) with an in-depth study of Bay Area travel behaviors based on the 2000 U.S. Census. The newly released study report shows that those living and working close to rail and ferry stations use public transit more, walk more, own fewer cars and tend to drive less. The findings send an important message to cities and developers planning the next wave of transit-oriented development: It’s okay to provide less parking than is ordinarily required, and to instead devote more land to housing, parks, plazas, shops, services and the like.

To order a free copy of Characteristics of Rail and Ferry Station Area Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area: Evidence From the 2000 Bay Area Travel Survey, e-mail, or call 510.817.5836.