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Transportation 2030 Plan

Transportation 2030 - getting from here to there

Mobility for the Next Generation

As the agency responsible for transportation planning in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, MTC is responsible for adopting the Bay Area’s regional transportation plan. The current plan, known as Transportation 2030, was adopted by the Commission on Feb. 23, 2005. (See meeting agenda and memos.) The plan was developed after a three-phase planning process over some 20 months with extensive public involvement.

The plan specifies a detailed set of investments and strategies throughout the region from 2005 through 2030 to maintain, manage and improve the surface transportation. Updated every three years to reflect new planning priorities and changing projections of growth and travel demand, the long-range plan must be based on a realistic forecast of future revenues. Taken as a whole, the projects included must help improve regional air quality.

For more information, contact MTC’s Public Information Office: 510/817.5757,

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