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Transportation 2035

Target Analysis Summary Report

MTC conducted a performance-based target analysis to help guide the development of the vision for the Transportation 2035 Plan. The approach calls for first assessing three infrastructure scenarios relative to a set of specific performance targets of congestion, vehicle miles traveled, emissions, and equity.

These targets call for improvements over current performance. They are notably ambitious since the best we've been able to do in the past is slow the rate of deterioration. The targets do, however, provide guideposts that allow us to test through models and other analytical tools what it might take to shape and achieve a different transportation environment 25 years in the future.

Following the analysis of the infrastructure scenarios, MTC conducted sensitivity tests of very aggressive land use and pricing policies to ascertain the extent to which such policies could help us to reach the targets. In the end, the planning analysis helps us to understand whether the targets are achievable; what it would take to reach them; and what new authority or new partnerships may be required.

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This results of the target analysis were presented at the October 26 Bay Area on the Move event. MTC staff have prepared a technical data summary which provides the detailed technical documentation for the input assumptions, forecasting methodologies, and forecasting results for this Transportation 2035 Vision analysis. This technical data summary may be downloaded above.

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