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Regional Bicycle Planning

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Active Transportation Working Group

The Commission created the Active Transportation Working Group to implement the Regional Bicycle Plan. The Working Group's activities include data collection and analysis; collaboration with transit operators to provide bike parking at stations; and marketing and outreach.

Safe Routes to Transit

Regional Measure 2, the $1 bridge toll increase, is funding projects that enhance pedestrian and bicycle access to transit stations. TransForm is administering the program. The first and second of five $4 million funding cycles were completed in 2005 and 2007; the official call for projects and application materials are posted on the TransForm website. The next call for projects is expected in early Summer 2009.

Regional Bicycle Plan

The MTC Regional Bicycle Plan represents the sustained efforts of MTC staff, the Plan Oversight Committee, local agencies, advocacy groups, and countless dedicated citizens in the Bay Area. It is intended to be a resource document for Bay Area town, city, and county planners and advocates. This plan is regional in focus and is, therefore, oriented around policies and programs and defers to local decision making about specific routes and facilities. This plan provides a framework for identifying regional priorities for routes and facilities and recommends a series of activities and policies to encourage bicycling at the regional level.