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Transit Connectivity Plan

The Transit Connectivity Plan details a comprehensive strategy for easing passengers’ movement from one transit system to another by providing more reliable connections, making it easier to pay fares, improving way-finding signage and reducing overall travel times. By making multi-operator transit trips easier and more convenient, good connectivity can help attract new transit riders — and retain existing riders. Poor connectivity, on the other hand, can make transit unattractive to new customers by rendering travel frustrating, time-consuming and costly.

The plan highlights connectivity improvements at 21 regional transit hubs around the Bay Area, and identifies six specific focus areas:

  • way-finding signage;
  • transit information;
  • real-time technology;
  • schedule coordination;
  • fare coordination; and
  • last-mile connecting services.

Copies of the Transit Connectivity Plan are available for public review at the MTC-ABAG Library, located at 101 Eighth Street in Oakland, California, and at major public libraries in each of the nine Bay Area counties. You may request a copy from the MTC Library by e-mail at, or by telephone at 510/817-5836, or you can download a copy (see below).

The plan was adopted by the Commission at its April 26, 2006 meeting. For more information, contact Doug Kimsey at 510/817-5790 or