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Lifeline Transportation Program

Low Income Flexible Transportation Program (LIFT)

Transportation is considered a key support service in ensuring that welfare recipients and other low-income individuals are able to access work or training opportunities. As the transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, MTC partnered with local transit and social services agencies to respond to the challenge of improving transportation services for residents of low-income communities by initiating the Low Income Flexible Transportation (LIFT) Program. To date, a total of 32 pilot projects have been funded to provide a variety of unique, locally-based transportation services; together they demonstrate a collaborative approach to transportation planning and funding.

The LIFT Program began in 2000 with an initial infusion of $5 million Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds, which were matched with social service or other transportation funds to create a $10 million program of projects. For the first cycle of the LIFT Program, MTC funded a total of thirteen projects sponsored by eleven different social service, transportation and/or government agencies, throughout the Bay Area. These projects represented new or expanded bus (fixed-route) services, as well as children’s shuttle or emergency-based services (demand-response).

Subsequently, MTC has received two federal Congressional earmarks of Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) funds through the Department of Transportation to support the LIFT Program. In addition, MTC contributes $1 million per year in State Transportation Assistance (STA) Regional Discretionary Funds for the program. A new cycle of projects was approved by the Commission in April, 2003, and those 12 new projects will all begin service by the end of the calendar year.

The following projects have received LIFT funding, which has been matched in part with local social service and/or transportation funds.

Sponsor Project Brief Description Funding Period of Funding
Funding Cycle 1
AC Transit
(Alameda County)
Hayward Industrial Shuttle New Fixed Route $750,000 8/1/01 - 8/1/03
City of San Leandro West San Leandro BART Shuttle New Fixed Route $375,000 1/1/02 - 1/1/04
City of Santa Rosa Santa Rosa CityBus Route 15 Expanded Fixed Route $500,000 7/31/01 - 7/31/03
Contra Costa County Transit Authority County Connection Route 114 Expanded Fixed Route $330,000 7/1/01 - 7/1/04
Contra Costa Employment and Human Services Dept. Golden Gate Bridge Route 40/42 Expanded Fixed Route $536,000 9/1/01 - 9/1/04
Napa County Transportation Planning Agency Napa VINE extended service Expanded Fixed Route $228,000 7/1/01 - 7/1/03
Outreach Escorts
(Santa Clara County)
Give Kids a LIFT! Children’s Transportation $750,000 7/3/01 - 9/30/04
San Francisco Municipal Railway Muni Route 108- Treasure Island Service Expanded Fixed Route $750,000 7/1/01 - 7/1/04
San Mateo Human Service Agency San Carlos CalTrain Shuttle and Guaranteed Ride Fixed Route & Demand Response $200,000 7/1/01 - 7/1/03
San Mateo Human Service Agency East Palo Shuttle and Mobility Manager Fixed Route & Mobility Manager $120,670 7/1/02 – 7/1/04
Solano County Health & Social Service Agency Solano County Emergency Transportation Demand Response $750,000 1/2/02 - 1/2/05
Sonoma County Human Service Department Sonoma County Shuttle Service Demand Response $325,000 9/01/01 - 9/30/03
Sponsor Project Brief Description Funding Period of Funding
Funding Cycle 2
AC Transit
(Alameda County)
AC Transit Route 50 Expanded Fixed Route $60,000 8/1/01 - 8/1/03
AC Transit
(Alameda County)
AC Route 13 Expanded Fixed Route $539,733 6/29/03-3/28/06
AC Transit
(Alameda/Contra Costa County)
Bus Pass Program for Low Income Students Fare Assistance $2,000,000 7/2/02-6/30/04
City Car Share
(City/County of San Francisco)
SF CalWORKS Car Share Auto Share Program $420,770 3/5/03-3/4/06
City of Alameda Alameda Kids Coach Children’s Transportation $431,994 7/1/03-6/30/06
City of Rio Vista Rio Vista Van Pool Demand Response $70,495 7/1/03-6/30/06
Contra Costa County Rides to Success Demand Response $132,000 3/5/03-7/1/06
Contra Costa County KEYS Auto Loan Auto Loan $239,400 3/5/03-3/4/06
Contra Costa County Transit Authority Route 121 Expanded Fixed Route $106,782 12/21/03-12/20/06
Kids Xpress
(Solano County)
Solano County Children’s Shuttle Expansion Children’s Transportation $154,882 TBD
(City of Livermore)
Route 14 Expanded Fixed Route $211,218 3/5/03-6/30/05
Marin County Marin County WTW Transportation Projects Mobility Mgr. and Shuttles $211,218 3/5/03-6/30/05
Outreach Escorts
(Santa Clara County)
Give Kids a LIFT! Expansion Children’s Transportation $232,323 6/16/03-6/16/06
(San Mateo County)
East Palo Alto Express Service Fixed Route $580,808 1/1/04-12/31/06
San Mateo County Transit Assistance Program Transit fare assistance $45,000 TBD
Sonoma County Mobility Manager Mobility Management $216,000 6/17/03-6/30/06