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The Bay Area’s Award-Winning Source for
Transportation Information

511 is your FREE one-stop source for up-to-the-minute Bay Area traffic, parking, transit, rideshare, and bicycling information. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the nine county Bay Area, 511 helps Bay Area travelers navigate Bay Area traffic, plan transit trips, find out when the bus or train will depart, locate the ideal parking spot, find a carpool, discover bike lockers, and other information to travel around the region easily and efficiently.

Using 511


Call 511 from any Bay Area phone.




Visit from your smartphone.


Visit for info about 511 apps.

Text & E-mail

Receive personalized real-time traffic & transit texts or e-mails on your phone.

Text 511 to get your Real-time Transit departure times.

Social Media

Access 511 information via Facebook and Twitter.

Phone for Hearing-Impaired

Call 711 for access to the Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS).

Phone for Speech-Impaired

Call 711 or call 511, press zero at each menu to hear touch tone commands.

511 Tools and Features 24/7


511 Transit Trip Planner

Enter your trip’s start and end points and get door-to-door, step-by-step instructions on how to make your trip on transit.

Available at:


511 Real-time Transit Departures

Want to know if you have time to get coffee before your bus comes? 511 Real-time Departures tells you just when your next bus or train will depart your stop.

Available at:

Transit Schedules, etc.

Available at:


Traffic Conditions

Use 511’s interactive traffic maps to see current traffic congestion, traffic incidents, construction and events.

Available at:

511 Driving Times

Find out how long it takes to drive between your origin and destination now or at a specific time and day.

Available at :

Carpooling and Vanpooling

Find carpool partners and available vanpools. Find the locations of carpool lanes and Park and Ride lots as well as information on tax benefits, commuter checks, and local and regional rewards for carpoolers and vanpoolers.

Available at :

511 Parking

Locate parking quickly and easily. This online tool features both real-time information (where available) as well as parking facilities and pricing throughout the Bay Area.

Available at:


511 Freeway Assist

Motorists on a freeway with a non-emergency situation (flat tire, car stalled, out of gas, etc.) can dial 511 on their cell phones, say "Freeway Assist" and be connected to the roadside callbox call center.

Airport Information

Call 511 for information about traffic conditions, ground transportation and parking rates for San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento airports. You can also get parking availability for Oakland International Airport.


Call 511 to be transferred to the FasTrak Electronic Toll Collection program operator.

Tahoe and Statewide Road Conditions

Call 511 and find out about road conditions to the Tahoe area and other destinations outside of the Bay Area.


Use the “511 Bike Mapper” to plan your bike trip. 511 also has bike maps, safety tips, and information about bikes on transit, bikes on bridges, local bicycling organizations, classes, and bike lockers.

Available at :

Personalized 511

Register for MY511 to receive emails and/or text messages about your driving times, your transit departure times and/or traffic severity on your route(s). You can also link your phone number(s) to hear information about YOUR trips first when you call 511.

Available at :


511 provides a screen-reader friendly version of the transit web pages at Hearing-Impaired users can call 711 for access to the Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Speech-Impaired users can call 711 or call 511, press zero at each menu to hear touch tone commands.

Foreign Languages

511 provides translation through Google Translate through the “languages” links in the footer of each website page. In addition, the transit page tools are provided in foreign languages at by clicking the language links in left-hand navigation bar at An overview of services provided through the rideshare program is available in Spanish and Chinese.

511 Resources

Transit Agency Resources

Developer Resources

511 provides several free data feeds for developers to create applications, widgets. Links to 511’s data feed descriptions and agreements are

511 also has a Google Group, 511SFBayDeveloperResources to encourage back and forth communication between developers and MTC staff. From time to time, MTC will publish technical documents on upcoming developments to gather feedback from the developer community in order to better inform our development.

Put 511 Tools on YOUR Website

Contact to embed a customized 511 RideMatch Tool or to embed a customized 511 Transit Trip Planner into your business' website. Link to by going to or, select a graphic, download it and link to

511 User Statistics

Find the 511 user statistics for the most recent quarter here (PDF).

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