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Active Transportation Program (ATP) Call for Projects

Applications for the statewide program are due to Caltrans on May 21, 2014, and applications for the regional program are due to MTC on July 24, 2014.

Transit Capital Priorities Call for Projects - FY2014-15 and FY2015-16

MTC is soliciting transit projects from eligible federal grantees for programming the estimated $793 million in regional apportionments of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307 Urbanized Area, 5337 State of Good Repair, and 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities funds (together referred to as Transit Capital Priorities or TCP) and matching funds. Applications are due by August 4, 2014.

OneBayArea Grant Program

Approved by the Commission on May 17, 2012

Transportation Development Act (TDA) and State Transit Assistance (STA)

Download claim documents, instructions and MTC's Fund Estimate.


Caltrans Caltrans' Local Programs site

Moving Costs ABCs of MTC


Fund Management System (FMS)

Search for current transportation projects administered by MTC in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.


2015 TIP

MTC adopted the 2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Transportation-Air Quality Conformity Analysis for Plan Bay Area and the 2015 TIP on September 24, 2014. The 2015 TIP has been forwarded to Caltrans to be included in the Draft 2015 Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP).

Core Capacity / Cap and Trade

Two new funding programs to bolster the Bay Area’s transit network and address climate concerns were adopted by MTC in December 2013.


American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: status of delivery, background and regional project priorities

FY 2011-12 Federal Obligation Report

Annual listing of Federally obligated projects in FY 2011-12 (PDF).

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TIP is a listing of projects that receive federal funds or that are subject to federal action.

Final 2013 TIP

Approved by the Commission on July 18, 2013. Approved by FHWA/FTA on August 12, 2013.

Proposition 1B Transportation Bond Program in the Bay Area

Transit, Highways and Trade Corridors

Regional Measure 2 (RM 2)

RM2 funds various projects that have been determined to reduce congestion or improve travel in the toll bridge corridors.

State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Includes RTIP and ITIP

Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ)

Federal Aid Process/Climate Initiatives Competitive Grants Program Overview

Project Delivery / Program Monitoring

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Funding

Active Transportation Program (ATP)