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What is FMS?

FMS is short for Fund Management System. This system serves as an interface that allows the general public and MTC partners, access to TIP and other project listings over the Internet.

For the general public, FMS can be used as a tool to query projects. Once the desired projects are found, reporting features are available to empower the user to print or save the results.

Only Transit Operators, CMAs and other project sponsors are allowed to enter the FMS Secure Portal. The secured portal allows for editing of projects and for proposing Amendments to projects. This area is secured by user authentication and as such, partners who wish to enter this area to propose an amendment will have to sign in or create a new FMS profile, activated by MTC before they can proceed.


To search for a project if you know the TIP ID number or FMS ID, click inside the “TIP ID” field or FMS ID Field, scroll down until the project is highlighted, then click "Search."

Use the “CTRL” key on your keyboard to select multiple projects.


To search for projects if you do not know the TIP ID number or FMS ID number, select the appropriate county from the “County Name” or the “Sponsor Name” from the “Sponsor Name” fields then click "Search."

This will filter the projects list down to all the projects matching your selected criteria, from where you can now scroll down until you see your project(s).


To search for projects using a key word in the project name or description, click on “Advanced Project Search.” This will take you to another screen where you will be able to enter a keyword either in the “Project Name” or “Project Description” field. After the key word is entered, click "Search."

The advanced search screen will also allow you to search for projects using more filter criteria.
For more help using the FMS application, click on the “Help” tab or contact Staff at (510) 817-5717.