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Plan Bay Area Plan for Assisting Limited English Proficient  Populations Policy Advisory Council


Guidelines for Countywide Transportation Plans

MTC is updating its guidelines for Countywide Transportation Plans (CTPs). The guidelines assist the county Congestion Management Agencies (CMAs) as they develop their countywide transportation plans.

Public Participation Plan

MTC’s Public Participation Plan informs residents on how to engage in the range of MTC’s planning work and funding allocations.

Policy Advisory Council

MTC's new Policy Advisory Council incorporates diverse perspectives relating to the environment, the economy and social equity.


Civil Rights and Accessibility

Information on MTC's Title VI, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE) policies.

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Plan for Assisting Limited English Proficient Populations

MTC has adopted a plan to help people with limited proficiency in the English language access the agency’s essential public information and services.


A lively, colorful guide to MTC and its activities, including a glossary of transportation terms and abbreviations.


Transportation planning acronyms and terms

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Upcoming meetings, workshops and public hearings