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Public Participation Plan

MTC's 2015 Public Participation Plan

State and federal statutes require metropolitan planning organizations such as MTC to adopt participation plans to provide the public with opportunities to be involved in the transportation planning process. MTC’s current PPP was adopted in February 2015. This document informs interested residents on how to engage in the range of MTC’s planning work and funding allocations, and includes a framework for public outreach and involvement for the update to Plan Bay Area — the region’s long-range transportation and land use blueprint. Specific information about the 2017 Plan Bay Area update is included as Appendix A to the 2015 Public Participation Plan.

Approach to the 2015 Update

MTC held a public meeting on October 8, 2014, to hear comments and suggestions for improving public engagement. Likewise staff sought ideas from MTC’s Policy Advisory Council, the Regional Advisory Working Group, and Congestion Management Agency Planning Directors. We also launched an online survey and comment forum, and surveyed the public at numerous community events.

MTC received nearly 100 comments from individuals and organizations during a 66-day public comment period on the Draft PPP. Several themes emerged from the public comments, including the need to show the public more specifically how their comments will be considered by decision-makers, the need for improved access to public workshops, the importance of involving low-income communities and communities of color in public engagement activities and the need to localize presentations for different communities. The Final Draft PPP includes revisions that were made in response to some of the comments and suggestions. See sidebar for comment letters, as well as a memo offering responses to all comments.