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Public Participation Plan

MTC's Public Participation Plan

MTC's 2010 Public Participation Plan was adopted by the Commission on December 15, 2010. This document lays out the steps MTC will take to involve residents in decisions affecting Bay Area transportation and land use policies and investments. In response to comments received from numerous groups and individuals on the revised draft issued in October, additional detail was added on how to participate in Plan Bay Area, which includes the region’s Sustainable Communities Strategy that MTC is working on with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and is required under state law to reduce greenhouse gases.

El Plan Para la Participación del Público 2010 esta disponible en español. Los residentes interesados pueden solicitar copias llamando a la Oficina de Información al Público, al 510.817.5757.


On July 9, 2010, MTC released for public review an update of its public participation plan for involving the people of the nine-county Bay Area region in its key transportation policy and financial decisions. The public comment period on the Draft 2010 Public Participation Plan closed in late August. A revised draft was issued on October 15 for public review, with the comment period closing November 29. On December 10, 2010, MTC's Planning Committee, in conjunction with ABAG's Administrative Committee, considered MTC's Final Draft 2010 Public Participation Plan.

The Public Participation Plan was initially adopted by MTC on September 26, 2007. Federal legislation requires MTC, as the Bay Area’s metropolitan planning organization, to adopt such a plan. MTC also has adopted two principles on environmental justice, the first of which pledges to “Create an open and transparent public participation process that empowers low-income communities and communities of color to participate in decision making that affects them.”

The 2010 revisions reflect the addition of a Public Participation Plan for the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), as required by California Senate Bill 375; a restructuring of MTC’s advisory committee into a single, broad based Policy Advisory Council; clarification of the principles that guide MTC’s public involvement efforts; and minor changes to the steps involved in updating and revising the Regional Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program.

Public Participation for the Sustainable Communities Strategy & Regional Transportation Plan

Appendix A to the Draft 2010 Plan is the “Public Participation Plan for the Bay Area Sustainable Communities Strategy and Regional Transportation Plan.” California Senate Bill 375 calls upon metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in 18 regions in California to develop regional transportation plans that incorporate a Sustainable Communities Strategy — an integrated transportation, land-use and housing plan, with the ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for cars and light-duty trucks. In the Bay Area, the SCS and RTP will be a joint effort between the Bay Area’s regional agencies (MTC, the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission).

An extensive outreach effort is anticipated as part of the process of developing the SCS. In addition to a partnership among local governments (cities, counties, congestion management agencies, and transit agencies), a number of public stakeholders will be consulted. As part of the advisory structure for the SCS, staff will utilize existing advisory groups, including MTC’s Policy Advisory Council, ABAG’s Regional Planning Committee, as well as the recently created Regional Advisory Working Group.